Blind is Beautiful

Beauty is blinding

If you only look at my body and not what’s within

That’s on you

That’s on society

Everyone of us is beautiful until we look inside

We choose to cower behind allure

A lovely essence

Enabling us to hide even the worst of our flaws

Our brokenness

Given the chance to open up

We would be bruising from each others pain from past experiences

Blind is beautiful

Don’t get me wrong

Good is a word that God chose to describe us with

But know this

We all hold a little bit of ugliness inside

I’m not just talking about character

I’m talking about thoughts well kept

Entangled at heart

Those secrets that if exposed

Will make us want to tear each other apart.

Sight is blind because it can’t see the heart

But when mind is blind

You can only see what you want to see

Loving the ugly

That’s Beauty

Embracing the guile

That’s no new scene.

I know a man who died on a cross for us

Who saw the discord

And still died for us

Blind is beautiful

And beauty is blinding

Kindness is what makes the blind to see and the deaf hear

Beauty has a face and it has none

This sounds impossible

But beauty is in all that improbable

Only loving Beautiful is not love

But being blind to beauty..

That’s the absence of a heart

Only loving Beautiful is not love

But being entirely blind to beauty

That’s the isolation of the heart.


A Lovers Spurn

I wish I could walk into your arms
Rest my head on your chest
Get lost in my love for you
Drown in the warmth of your embrace.
I love love me
This emotion surpasses our understanding
Your love is were I always want to bask in

I wish I could walk into your armsTouch your face

Feel the curves […]

A Lovers Spurn



Her Glow…
It was so bright that even though she cowered behind closed doors..
It radiated love that shone through the scars of her broken heart…
Her Glow..
It competes with the Sun
It is enhanced by The Son (Jesus Christ)..
Enunciated through rays but wait..
That is just her smile..
For her Glow…
Is that of stars aligned..

It is made up of all African Women combined.


Vacant Capsules

You can see right through us
We are hollow and empty
Futile creations earnestly seeking to fill this endless void,
Always looking for something to stuff the holes left in our souls
To become complete
As we once were from conception.
But this is deception
For we have seen what happens to the best of us that have long ceased to exist.

We were once wanted
Once upon a time we were loved,
We felt warmth and chills inside.
This feeling was Benign
But once utilized as assumedly purposed
We were left feeling used
Mistreated, till they left us broken
What we once knew as hearts are now just shards of glass that settled at the bottom of our feet

I guess that’s why its so hard to move forward
Is this all that we were made for?
To satisfy your lust and be tossed aside once the chalice of my chastity ran dry?
Once we had morals to spare
Pour aside our principles without lives being compromised
We were cherished
And a little lost principles were still enough to keep us chilled
Protected, away from harm
But alas, now we are here.

Malignant echoes within ourselves
We are transparent to you now
Only because we lack the depth that will make you want to enjoy our company again
To be curious about what we held within
But even now in our brokenness
We lie awake at night
Hoping that one-day, you will look past who we are now
See a chance for us to be made whole again
And maybe…in due time
We can possibly be bursting with life again.


Despair Not

It’s not that you are too broken to have hope.
That all you have ever known as an emotion is pain,
and love.. was a mere fiction.
That the world formulated the word love so as to blind the world to your woes…
No… It’s because despite being in fragments of who you were made to be…You emit a light so pure..
It draws love to you..



I spoke to the Moon and the stars.

The Stars told me they shine despite the darkness that surrounds.

The Moon told me it luminates it’s light from the Sun despite it’s loneliness…

I spoke to the Moon and the Stars… And they taught me how to shine..

If ever I felt unloved.


Element of Freedom

“The day came when the risk it took to remain tightly closed in a bud, was more than the risk it took to bloom. This is the element of freedom”

-Alicia Keys-


My Canvas

We have all somewhat experienced “the blues”.

In this canvas we paint…

Our life and emotions ’til our very last breath.

Here’s a poem I wrote about my fair share of life and how my painting is going thus far;

On my canvas, I see now that I spent many days painting with the color blue. This occured frequently because it felt like some sort of rule.

Now I understand why it was hard to see the bigger picture because as beautiful as blind can be,

It’s hard to really see past what you can’t see. It’s hard to see past you, when you is all you really see.

Am told that this misery was predestined, So I look back to the first stroke of color I ever brushed against this canvas…my birth. Born Black, and innocence a striking white, but I was yet to realise that what I was really born into was gray. Not saved but literally born into sin.

Black then took it’s place on this piece of art for the many nights I spent waiting on death to come.

And I cannot forget red, this color made the canvas so gay. As it shaped up the piece for the many times I fell in love. So much so that I was soaked immensely.

And with Him I need not make sense, so I surrendered to his loving embrace and somewhat, I was white…whiter than snow.

Must explain why they thought me a coconut for all they saw was a mirage of the old me when really..

I was white

As my life is yet to come to an end, Night.

Every brush stroke is for a purpose, insight.

And even though I am not the perfect daughter without blemish or spot..

With my final breath, I will be a master piece…created by the Lord.


The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton